Alliance a win for everyone

July 12, 2017

Students from four state schools make up the cast for Grease as part of the Better Schools Alliance blockbuster production.

Students from four state secondary schools practice their dance moves for Grease.

School show season is once again upon us — with drama students across the region busy rehearsing for the big opening night.

This year marks a real change in the way shows have been presented previously as the Better Together Alliance showcases the talents of four state schools in one single blockbuster show, Grease.

The idea of combining resources, time, talent and expense in the performing arts makes perfect sense on many levels.

Creating the razzle dazzle of an exciting and stimulating production can present enormous challenges for a single school.

Lack of resources and commitment has meant that in previous years some of our state schools have struggled to bring a show to the stage.

This is a shame because a school show can offer a chance to shine a light on the hidden talents of many students with technical as well as creative skills.

The effort required to attend rehearsals and appear on stage when required means individuals have to develop self-reliance and confidence.

On another level, shows are great examples of what can be achieved when everyone involved is pulling in the same direction — as a team.

Friendships are made, new skills are learned and networks are developed.

For this to occur in one school is a remarkable achievement, but across four schools the results promise to be a game-changer.

The pooling of resources from Mooroopna Secondary School, Wanganui Park Secondary College, Shepparton High School and McGuire College under the Better Together Alliance umbrella have been happening since 2014.

In that time, students and teachers have benefited from increased participation in cultural and sporting activities, as well as sharing cyber safety programs and diversity programs.

The four schools also work with Latrobe University in Shepparton and Goulburn Ovens TAFE to create opportunities in tertiary learning.

All this brings the power of strength through unity to our schools and their valuable charges.

They are no longer tackling the same issues in their own silos — they can share their strengths, their challenges and their dreams.

The production of Grease may be the most visible result of all these shared activities — with a promise of colour and excitement.

But the concept of the alliance, that communities are stronger when they work together, holds true for all of our endeavours, in and out of school.

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