Preps for 100 days

August 07, 2017

Charlie Heard, 6 and Lillian Butler, 6.

Marlee Huthmann, 5, Jake Davis, 6 and Zoe Jarvis, 5.

Prep teachers Lisa Veysey, Naomi Wright, Angela Grumley and Emily Meagher.

Macey Tomkins, 6, Hannah Arthur, 5, Ella Bush, 5, and Hope Daniels, 5.

Chase Moon, 5, Joseph Shay, 6, Dallas Sali, 5, Deagan Fitzgerald, 6.

Prep students at Guthrie St, Grahamvale and Bourchier St primary schools celebrated being 100 days smarter last week.

‘‘The Preps are celebrating being at school for 100 days,’’ Guthrie St Primary School teacher Lisa Veysey said.

‘‘They’ve dressed up like 100-year-old people and we have lots of activities to celebrate.’’

Donning walking sticks, glasses and the odd streak of grey hair, the students also shared personal collections of 100 items to mark the milestone.

The students were not alone in their premature ageing, with the teachers also joining in on the fun.

Grahamvale Primary School teacher Georgia Shannon said it would be interesting to see how the children felt when they learned 100 days of school did not mean they automatically got to start Year 1 the next day.

‘‘They all just seem to have the idea that we do 100 and we move on but, no, they’ll find out that’s not true,’’ she said.

Despite the confusion, the Prep students have enjoyed their time at school and Ms Shannon could not believe how quickly the year had gone.

‘‘It’s been a fantastic 100 days, we’re very lucky here at Grahamvale to have such great students and families,’’ she said.

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