Writing together

September 07, 2017

Jack, Tracey and Chase Sullivan have fun during the Big Write on Tuesday.

Prep students Mackye Buchanan and Jack Tait take part in the Big Write.

Candles and calming music changed the classroom atmosphere for Xavier Cartwright and Nate Pettie.

Prep students Oleni Peniata, Juliet Satele and Lachlan Sofra practise their writing in a nice peaceful environment for Literacy Week.

Sadie Carroll and Alexis Telford in the Big Write.

Working together: Mischa Scott works on her writing skills with nanna Tracey Scott.

Students across Bourchier St Primary School were busy working on their writing skills in unison on Tuesday afternoon for the Big Write.

Literacy co-ordinator Alice Symons said the Big Write was part of Literacy Week celebrations and was designed to bring the fun back into writing through games, activities, writing tasks, conversations and discussions.

‘‘The Big Write focuses on introducing students to four main areas of writing: vocabulary, punctuation, openers and connectives.

‘‘Before the writing task the students spoke to their families at home in a Big Talk session,’’ Ms Symons.

‘‘This talk allows the students to process their ideas for their writing, ready to go the next day.’’

Some classrooms took different approaches to the tasks and created a calming atmosphere by lighting candles and playing classical or relaxation music.

Parents and carers were also part of the session and joined in the writing task.

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