Look Edison, da Vinci ...

September 27, 2017

Ollie Trebley won the education section and Billy Collins took out the environmental section.

Briana Bebri won the 'Fun and Leisure' category with her invention The Playbox.

Katrina Marshall gave Adam Furphy a turn of her 'Brollie Coat'.

Budding Thomas Alva Edisons and Leonardo da Vincis filled St Brendan’s Primary School’s Mercy Centre for its Invention Convention recently.

From environmental products to inventions to help clean your room, the school’s middle students created an array of exciting inventions which were judged by Shepparton’s Adam Furphy.

Middle years leader John Howley said the students were judged across seven categories, but the focus was on the process of inventing.

‘‘Students in the Grade 3 and 4 middle years learning community have been focusing on design, technology and innovation while learning about inventors and famous inventions for inquiry learning,’’ he said.

‘‘The students were involved in a process, which placed strong emphasis on defining an actual problem, formulating an original solution, developing a product and sharing the results or products with others.’’

Mr Howley said some students thought of inventions which could improve their mum or dad’s life and many were keen to let their imagination go wild and discover ways they could improve their own lives.

Mr Furphy was impressed with the inventions and the level of thought which had gone into each one, after officially opening the Invention Convention.

Student Elaina Costo-Rouw created the Seanator, which could be used to help marine life.

Mr Howley said the convention was a great way for students to showcase work to fellow students and their families.

‘‘It has been a really successful unit of work which through (the) Invention Convention has seen some unique and possible real-life problem-solving ideas that could potentially save time, money and lives,’’ he said.

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