Food from the heart

December 13, 2017

Shepparton Christian College students Oran Caiafa, Victoria Richardson and Noah Moore, with Salvation Army captain Karyn Wishart.

Shepparton Christian College student Noah Moore (right) is the driving force behind a local food drive for those in need. Noah is pictured with Salvation Army captain Karyn Wishart.

Noah Moore

Shepparton Christian College student Noah Moore has again brought his fellow students together to donate food to the needy.

Inspired by a newspaper article about a homeless man last year, Noah, then eight, walked into his principal’s office to ask what he could do for the homeless.

The school, students and staff pooled their resources and donated food items for the Salvation Army.

And it is a tradition Noah would like to continue.

‘‘It feels really good to help people, I have met people in need and it was really sad to see people that need more things than we do,’’ he said.

‘‘This is something I want to continue, I wish it could go on for every day.’’

When a representative from the Salvation Army arrived yesterday, a huge pile of food was waiting, with several boxes worth about $400.

Principal Chris Aiton believed the school had surpassed last year’s number of items significantly.

‘‘I think it’s fantastic to have a young person like that with such a heart for wanting to service others and help others,’’ Mr Aiton said.

‘‘It is reasonably rare to find and, while we’ve got lots of caring young people across the board, to actually have that initiative to get something started is just really impressive.’’

The Year 2 and 3 students have been the driving force in the past couple of months, encouraging students and staff to donate whatever food they could.

Shepparton Salvation Army captain Karyn Wishart said the food would help about 365 people across the Greater Shepparton region during Christmas.

‘‘It is an amazing thing when community members are able to just use their forward thinking and think outside the box,’’ Ms Wishart said.

‘‘This school’s contribution will help so many people and it is probably through the morals and the values of that teachers here that we see this generosity coming out in the students.’’

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