Special day for siblings

January 30, 2018

It is an exciting time for the Maddox family this week, with twins Liam and Zach (centre) starting Prep at Katandra West Primary School. They will join older siblings Declan (left) and Taleesha at the school.

Taleesha (Year 4), Preps Liam and Zach and Declan Maddox (Year 2) will be heading to Katandra Primary School today for the new school year.

The last two siblings of the Maddox family start school today, unless there is an unexpected surprise in the near future.

‘‘No plans for more at this stage,’’ mother Veronica joked.

‘‘My chances of having twins seems to be high and I don’t want to chance it and go from four to six.’’

Liam and Zach, 6, start Prep at Katandra Primary School today and were happy and excited to go.

‘‘I’ll probably cry when I let them go, it’s a bit sad to seeing them grow up, it goes so quick,’’ Veronica said.

‘‘(But) they’re really happy and excited to go to school and can’t wait ... they boys have been counting down the days.’’

This morning, the twins join sister Taleesha (Year 4) and brother Declan (Year 2) on a small bus that picks them up from their Marionvale home.

That is after Veronica has spent 30-odd minutes doing all the children’s lunches and getting ready for her work at the Numurkah hospital.

‘‘They each have their own preferences about what they like in their sandwiches,’’ she said.

‘‘(The past few weeks have been) pretty hectic, getting their school uniforms and everything in order.

‘‘For once I’m organised ... (and) I’m just really happy they’re finally at school all together, it’ll be good for them.’’

Eldest sibling Taleesha said her brothers were really excited, with Zach being the most excited.

‘‘He’s excited to learn and all that ... Zach’s more active, he’s pretty silly as well and is the person that doesn’t sit down,’’ she said.

‘‘Liam, he’s okay. He’s like Declan, he wants to use technology like computers, the iPad and play footy with Dad (Brad) ... he’s a quieter person.’’

And as for the role Taleesha would play being the eldest and boss of her siblings?

‘‘If something bad happens I’ll look after them, like if they trip over,’’ she said.

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