Future thinkers

February 20, 2018

Year 5 students Edja Mucollari, Alec Novac, Eva Carroll and Gemma Kelly in front of their future world changers board.

Ceanna Colomb in the mindfulness room, where students can go to relax and work independently.

Zavier Davidson wants to be a footballer.

Year 5 students James Faamoe and Corbyn Fletcher using devices to scan their QR codes which track their reading, writing and maths goals.

Nadia Ruggi and Ellie Armstrong, Year 5, enjoyed completing reading and writing activities on their tablets.

Collaborative learning was in full swing at Bourchier St Primary School yesterday.

As part of the initiative, students work closely to share information and bounce ideas off one another.

Teacher Matt Bartlett said the learning initiative involved students interacting with one another to reach desired outcomes.

‘‘The students are not just hearing our voices, they are working together,’’ he said.

‘‘We can definitely see the benefits of teaches them skills they will need to have when they move forward into the workplace.’’

The new learning approach involved students researching what they want to be when they grow up and displaying them on a future world changers board.

The idea helped teachers learn more about the students while allowing them to adapt the curriculum to suit each child.

The school is also working to move away from paper, introducing devices into the classroom to track personal goals, and complete writing and maths work.

Principal Denise Howley said the initiative involved teachers working alongside each other both in and out of the classroom.

‘‘We are working towards teachers collaborating with one another while planning...ensuring they have their children’s interests and aspirations in mind,’’ she said.

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