Water ‘best drink’

March 07, 2018

Zainab Abkar, takes a much needed drink after the Water Only Kinders program.

Mary Lubadi, enjoying the sugarless drink offer at Arthur Mawson Children’s Centre.

Reading about water: Phoenix Munday reads along with Goulburn Valley Water education officer Kristy Elrington.

Water is the only drink on the menu for Arthur Mawson Children’s Centre children after the centre became one of 17 water-only kindergartens in the Goulburn Valley.

Goulburn Valley Water’s Water Only Kinders program aims to improve the health of children in the region by supporting early childhood centres to inform staff, students and the community about practices to reduce health risks in children.

GV Water education officer Kristy Elrington said sometimes drinks such as lemonade, orange and apple juices were good only as a celebration drink.

‘‘The main aim of today is to get the message home and into the community that water is the best drink of choice and softdrink and juice are a sometimes drink,’’ Ms Elrington said.

She showed children how many teaspoons of sugar were in a cup of soft drink/juice and read them a story about a boy who had been feeling tired at school.

Greater Shepparton City Council early childhood teacher Sue was keen on the program after seeing it in other centres and has always encouraged her own family members to drink water.

‘‘Being a water-only kinder is going to be really good for our children,’’ Sue said.

‘‘We often notice children are looking a bit tired and don’t have a lot of energy — and a drink of water makes a big difference.’’

Arthur Mawson Children’s Centre received a sign to tell people of the change, books to read, a water cooler and showbags which included a drink bottle each for children and staff.

‘‘It’s a great program and to have the resources to back us up will be great for the future of these children,’’ Sue said.

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