Shepparton News student scribes

March 29, 2018

Notre Dame College student Beverley Neff.

Notre Dame College student Harry Muir.

The News has partnered with Greater Shepparton secondary schools this year to bring you an insight into their school year.

While they will document their educational journey, the students will also talk about their interests and hobbies and their views on topics such as current affairs, social issues, politics and religion.

We thank all schools, teachers and students for their enthusiasm to get involved in the project and hope you enjoy their contributions throughout Term 2.

Today, we introduce the students who have been nominated by their respective schools to take part, ahead of the first part of the series in the first week of Term 2.

Beverley Neff

Notre Dame College

Year 9

My name is Beverley Neff.

I am a regular 14-year-old and I attend high school at Notre Dame College.

Time goes by quickly for me and I find that I don’t have much time for hobbies.

I’m usually quite busy socialising and studying so I really enjoy the time I can spend by myself. Playing some of my favourite music always makes things better too.

I enjoy the variety of subjects I do at school, such as Japanese. I also like the many other experiences we get the opportunity to be involved in, like the Outward Bound camp.

I like writing, and being involved in creating articles for the Shepparton News sounded like a real challenge to me.

Harry Muir

Notre Dame College

Year 9

My name is Harry Muir. I am 14 years old and I am a student at Notre Dame College.

I’m not going to waste time talking about my day-to-day life, because that’s boring and you don’t want to hear about it; so instead, I’m going to talk about me.

My natural response, when something annoys me and I can’t do anything about it, is to write about it. When I am impressed by something, I write about it.

I write about things that I care about, and I care about what I write.

And right now, there is a lot to write about.

In writing for the newspaper, I look forward to sharing my ideas and opinions with a large audience.

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