Preps learn gift of giving

March 30, 2018

St Georges rd Primary students Jirraky Hobba, Lebron Fonoia and Vincent Whitehead wait in line.

St Georges rd Primary students Braxton Atkinson and Gay Wright, Shepparton

St Georges rd Primary students Hannah Jones gets a hug from Win McGoldrick

St Georges rd Primary students The Easter Hat Parade is a annual tradition for St Georges Rd Primary School.

St Georges rd Primary students Una Gardiner receives gift from Manal Ishag.

St Georges rd Primary students Mohammed Nazari gives Gwen and Jeff Rigbye his gift of chocolates.

St Georges rd Primary students St Georges Rd Primary School foundation students, Jorja Cranage and Abrar Zaid ready to give the gift of Easter to Shepparton Shoppers.

St Georges Rd Primary School’s Easter hat parade started yesterday at Shepparton Marketplace, where Foundation students gave out bags of chocolate eggs to shoppers.

The Easter hat parade is an annual tradition for the school in which the students make and personalise hats with different colours, shapes and feathers.

The students had a surprise visit from Easter Bunny and sang him the traditional song Little Peter Rabbit.

Three classes participated in the event, making it the students’ first school excursion of the year, just in time for the Easter holidays.

‘‘The Easter hat parade has been happening for many years, where we encourage the gift of giving, so it’s not just about receiving eggs, it’s also about giving eggs away,’’ St Georges Rd early years transition officer Michelle Doyle said.

St Georges Rd Year 1 students also went to Banksia Lodge to sing a nursery rhyme and gift homemade books to the residents.

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