Don’t mess around, hard work pays off

April 19, 2018

Years 10 and 11 mean you really have to step up and take your learning into your own hands.

McGuire College student Jarrod Pretty.

McGuire Secondary College

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By Jarrod Pretty, McGuire College

Until I started Year 11 VCE, I never realised how important Year 10 was in preparing you for the increased workload of VCE.

I wasted a lot of time, I only did enough work to get a pass and I never pushed myself to my fullest potential — this was a mistake.

Year 10 gives you a solid foundation to be able to succeed during the next two years of your education. It doesn’t quite prepare you for the big increase in work and the responsibility you need to take for your own learning; the teachers give you the work and it’s up to you whether or not you do it.

I could never see the connection between Year 10 and Year 11. I kept thinking, ‘‘Ah it’s going to be a blast’’ but a few weeks into the year I realised I was completely wrong.

The difference between Year 10 and Year 11 is like taking three steps at once, the workload is increased dramatically, and we have SACs (student assessment coursework) every four weeks and this is on top of all the work you do to prepare for each SAC.

You really have to step up and take your learning into your own hands.

It is up to you to decide if you pass or fail and my biggest mistake wasn’t taking Year 10 seriously. Take my advice and use your time wisely and achieve what you set out to do.

Year 10 isn’t the time to be messing around; study and spend your time improving your grades.

You might not see the connection now but once you are in Year 11 you’ll see just how important Year 10 is for your success.

My favourite thing about Year 11 is that it’s challenging, but so rewarding when you see that you’ve passed your SAC.

The hard work is really worth it in the end.

Jarrod Pretty is in Year 11 at McGuire College.

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