A teenager’s struggle in finishing a task

May 03, 2018

Wanganui Park Secondary College student Thomas Read.

Wanganui Park Secondary College


By Thomas Read

It’s 1am, and Adam realised that he had to go to sleep.

He stared at the clock on his screen and groaned, the tiredness hitting him like a freight train as he saved the document he was working on for the past hour.

He rubbed his sore eyes as he turned the brightness of his laptop down to a level that didn’t make his retinas hurt.

Adam went to take a sip from the cup of water next to him but was disappointed to remember that he emptied it an hour before, little dribbles of water stuck to the bottom.

Adam didn’t really want to stay up this late; his English SAC was due tomorrow morning and he didn’t really want to be caught sleeping in the middle of it, even if it sounded tempting.

He sighed and scrolled the document up, proofreading his essay as quickly as his half-closed eyes would allow him.

‘‘Benjamin Franklin was a revolutionary and an old-age rockstar... ’’, he read lazily, yawning mid-sentence and skipping the paragraph, mainly searching for those little coloured squiggles underneath the words.

Rubbing his face with one hand, he got to the middle section before a little blip sounded in his headphones.

What are they doing up so late?, Adam thought as he opened the messaging app to quickly read whatever conversation his friends were having.

Some sort of argument about movies or something, whatever, I just need to get this done.

But before he could get back to reading his essay, the app blipped again, then again and again before he groaned aloud once more and muted the thing.

1.15am, he noticed. He mentally cursed himself as he finished skimming his essay.

As it turned out, toward the end of the page Adam decided that ‘the’ was to be spelt ‘teh’ and it was a hassle to get them corrected.

He reached out and grabbed his phone, checking what notifications the internet decided to give him.

Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat... one by one he swiped them off, he could deal with people’s problems in the morning.

Adam yawned again as he stretched his arms over his chair, feeling the crack of his bones after sitting so still for so long, finally closing the lid of his laptop and plugging his charger in, before flopping onto his bed, leaving his phone on the bedside table and getting ready for the night’s sleep.



Thomas Read is in Year 12 at Wanganui Park Secondary College.

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