Hope sustains life in school

May 03, 2018

Notre Dame College's lawns help lift spirits.

Notre Dame College student Beverley Neff.

By Beverley Neff

Day-to-day high school life without a doubt has some dramatic flair.

The stress of school work, the social pressure and all the little things that build up either make your day great or a total mess.

However, the days all add up and whether you are miles behind on homework or spiralling out of mental control, there’s always something that shines through.

It may be just a little gleam but it’s a ray of hope that’ll get you through to the next cycle.

Classes are always fun. Carrying an overweight stack of books from class to class is just as so.

From Pythagoras theorem in maths to text analysis in English, it’s a real wonder why students find them so boring. But hey, school isn’t just about classes, it comes with other commitments, too.

A funny thing called a social life is what most students have and try to maintain. Friends are what make everything better. All the awkward experiences become something to laugh and joke about and sad times become a memory.

The Year 9 campus is much different from the Knight St one. From the wide, open spaces to the animal farm, it’s definitely a different experience.

The school yards are made of lawns of fresh green grass rather than the dull grey pavement.

The school communities are much brighter and full of house colours. Walking the path into Emmaus every day is a much more lively activity than strolling through the plain school gates of Knight St.

It’s not just the environment that’s different, it’s the school work as well. This year was the first that we had a broad range of electives.

As a subject you could select a topic to do with space, robotics or even a different language. It’s really up to you and your own interests, as it is with the rest of high school.

I myself chose Japanese and Big Bang Theory.

There’s not much I intend to achieve this year, in terms of my studies at least, so I really just chose subjects I had an interest in. Year 9, for me, is basically a first look into the senior years to come.

I’m looking forward to the next semester as I’ll be able to take the second half of electives I chose to study this year.

Don’t you think it’s exciting to think that we are so close to half-way of the school year and next semester is almost here?

I do and I’m also very excited about almost being half-way through high school. My life education is reaching its end half and after this my life will truly start.

Beverley Neff is in Year 9 at Notre Dame College.

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