New challenge is fun

May 03, 2018

Outward Bound is an experience to treasure.

Notre Dame College Year 9 student Harry Muir.

By Harry Muir

New experiences are always nerve-racking.

Outward Bound was a very new experience for me.

I’d never been camping before, and I was about to spend eight days hiking with people I barely knew existed.

I talked to people I never thought I’d talk to, I did things I never thought I’d do, and I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Outward Bound, and despite the hardships, I had fun.

I enjoyed the challenge, I enjoyed the banter and I enjoyed working as a team to reach our goals.

While not all of us were always happy, and we did not always reach our goals, we used humour to cheer ourselves up, we told jokes, we sang funny songs.

It was a big push outside of my comfort zone, but it was a fantastic experience, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

On the bus ride back, my friends and I exchanged funny stories about the past eight days, and I did have lots of funny stories.

It was hard, and mentally stressful, especially when leading the group, but once you get past the powdered milk, it’s not so bad.

There was one day in particular, it was pouring down rain, it was freezing cold, I was pretty sure we were lost.

I was having a pretty miserable time, and so was everyone else by the looks of it. It was after we had just sat down for lunch that the instructor called me up, it was my turn to lead the group, and I thought to myself, if the person who is supposed to be leading us is just upset under his raincoat, why would anyone else act any differently?

So I decided to change my attitude, and although it was tiring, I enjoyed that day.

Harry Muir is in Year 9 at Notre Dame College.

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