Change of name, because we can

By Reader Contributed

I wish to respond to the comments made by John Gray (News, July 5, 2018) regarding the Shepparton Ratepayers Association’s association with Ratepayers Victoria. We have none.

The Better Local Government Association has just reformed and renamed our association because we liked the name, that’s it Mr Gray.

If you had bothered to contact us, we would have told you so.

Mr Gray continues to muddy the waters over the issue of the ‘‘apparent’’ lack of finality in The Cottages decision.

At last month’s council meeting, councillors voted against the planners’ recommendation to grant a planning permit five-four.

Despite the decision not to grant a permit, Mr Gray feels that councillors were errant in not then putting up and voting on a motion to refuse to grant a permit.

If Mr Gray’s analysis of the situation is correct and he failed to give any reference to any section of the Local Government Act he is relying on to support his claims, one wonders what would be the situation if this second motion fails to pass.

We would have one motion not to grant the permit and one motion not to refuse the permit.

No doubt, given the fact enforcement action to close the facility began at VCAT last week, and that one of the councillors who voted against the recommendation to grant a permit will be away from this month’s council meeting, it will be interesting to see how council planners will play the next card in this slow-moving train wreck, which is having a detrimental effect on so many people’s lives — both for and against.

Gordon Hamilton, Shepparton Ratepayers Association president