My experience of moving schools

May 10, 2018

Verney Road School Year 10 student Tash Schiemann.

By Natasha Schiemann

Hi, I’m Tash and I am in Year 10, studying for my VCAL. I recently moved to Shepparton from Wallan.

At my old school, I struggled doing algebra but here at Verney Road School, I have gained confidence with my learning.

I didn’t really feel like I was fitting in at my old school. The work was very challenging but I still gave it a go.

When I discovered my family was moving to Shepparton, I felt happy, excited and a bit sad. I was looking forward to meeting new people but I was going to miss my friends and my favourite teacher.

When I lived in Wallan, it was closer to the city and I liked the bowling and going to the movies.

My home in Shepparton will be on a farm when we build, and I was worried that it would be boring. Now that I am in Shepparton, I have found out it is hotter here and there are things to do with new friends.

At Verney Road School, the subjects are similar to my old school. For example, last year we learned how to use a camera to film from different angles. At Verney Road School, we are learning how to use Microsoft Word, Publisher, Photoshop and other interesting programs.

I still remember my first day at Verney Road School like it was yesterday. I was the new girl and did not know anyone. I felt very happy, excited, confident, scared and quite possibly a little bit nervous.

When I first entered the room, a bunch of people got out of their seats and sprinted towards me like a cheetah catching its prey. They asked me some questions and I felt like I was a celebrity.

The staff at Verney Road are very supportive and caring. Everyone is unique and the staff help every single student to learn and be the best they can be. I have enjoyed coming to Verney Road and I am starting to feel like Shepparton is my home.

Natasha Schiemann is in Year 10 at Verney Road School.

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