Hobby helps to relax and beat stress

May 10, 2018

Weightlifting and footy are among the hobbies that help people become stronger, both mentally and physically, and take stress away.

McGuire College Year 11 student Jarrod Pretty.

By Jarrod Pretty

For this article I would love to share with you my hobbies.

First of all, I seriously love to watch any form of martial arts, they’re so strong and powerful and the way they move is insane but I really like Muay Thai.

Martial arts is amazing to watch, but that’s not my only hobby.

Every second day I’m at Anytime Fitness, weightlifting. It is a release from whatever stress that has built up during the day, on top of seeing and feeling your body and mind become stronger every time you go.

Nothing beats that feeling when you lift heavier than you ever have or that moment you first notice your hard work paying off.

I would say, aside from studying, it’s the most important thing I currently do in my life.

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to become stronger, both mentally and physically, or just do something in their spare time.

I really like to play football as well even though I decided not to play this year. I thought it was best to focus on gym and school.

My favourite AFL team is the Western Bulldogs and I’ve supported them since I was six years old despite never having seen a live game.

My other two hobbies are playing Xbox and reading.

I read a lot of books; if I finish my work in class I pull out my book and start to read. So far, my favourite book series ever is The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist. I love how he puts a spin on words; it’s like he has a magic over the words, so I can vividly picture what is happening.

My last hobby is that I really love competitive gaming on my Xbox with my friends, whether it is Halo 5 or Fortnite. I’m not that good but I love how competitive these games get and the atmosphere that surrounds them.

It’s something about the thrill you get after winning a heated game that makes the game more enjoyable.

Jarrod Pretty is in Year 11 at McGuire College, Shepparton.

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