Students perform at kinder

May 17, 2018

Lucy Ludlow was a strong guitar player for the group.

Will Ludlow sings a tune for the kinder students.

Alice Ludlow enjoyed performing for the kindergarten students.

Penny Mason enjoyed listening and dancing along to the performance.

Lucy Doyle clapped along to the music.

Zeerust PS principal Dr Peter Farrell sang along with his students.

Piper Boschetti was an amazing performer during the visit to Wyndham Early Learning.

The sound of ukuleles and children singing filled Wyndham Early Learning as students from Zeerust Primary School put on a show.

Yesterday morning, the whole school hopped on the bus for a concert performance at the childcare centre.

The kindergarten students sat patiently as the Zeerust Primary School students began with a ‘strum along’ led by school principal, Dr Peter Farrell.

The students began performing a number of tunes on their ukuleles, singing and dancing along.

The kinder students also had a chance to participate, stamping their feet and clapping along in the final song.

Wyndham Early Learning kindergarten teacher Karen Cartwright was delighted to have the primary school students perform at the centre.

‘‘We were happy to have the school pay a visit,’’ she said.

‘‘We love building connections with our community and giving our children a chance to meet new people.’’

This is the fourth and last performance on Zeerust Primary School’s kindergarten tour.

‘‘It went really well and it gives the older kids something to aim for because they’ve been playing for quite a while.’’ Dr Farrell said.

‘‘It also helps raise the profile of the school.’’

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