School holds party to say thanks to mums

May 31, 2018

Verney Rd school held a high tea event for Mother's Day.

Verney Road School student Lisa Sharp.

By Lisa Sharp

Friday, May 11 was a special day at Verney Road School. We had our Mother’s Day high tea and we had our mothers, carers and special people here to celebrate.

Our mothers are the ones who look after us and guide us towards the right way in life. They are also the ones who are there when you need someone the most.

Our mothers work and clean up after us. They work to put food on the table and to keep a roof over our heads. It might not always be fun, but they do it because they love their children.

Besides mothers, all the other special people who attended the high tea event ranged from grandmothers and grandfathers to fathers, sisters and nieces.

They all used their spare time to come and celebrate and we are all thankful for everyone coming and spending the time with us.

When I asked the kids what they thought about the day, all said they loved spending time with their special people at school and introducing them to their friends and teachers.

Our Year 12 students did an amazing job at serving all the mothers and special people.

This day wouldn’t have happened if we all didn’t work together in the Mother’s Day stall and in the home crafts room putting scones together and making tea.

The Year 12 students used their teamwork skills and the Year 10 students ran the Mother’s Day stall.

Earlier that morning, the teachers put together jars of flowers which had been donated by Renato’s Florist.

Our team at Verney Road School is awesome at putting special days together.

The team works together even through our ups and downs.

We have lovely people in the community who donate to our special causes and it all comes together with the help of our community and our team at Verney Road School. We would all like to see everyone again next year at the Mother’s Day high tea.

Lisa Sharp is in Year 10 at Verney Road School.

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