When games turn into something serious

June 07, 2018

Shepparton High School Year 12 student Mustafa Abbassi.

By Mustafa Abbasi

With the recent launch of the new a Battle Royale game with the name of Fortnite in mid-2017, there has been controversy in allowing violent games involving shooting and killing individuals to be produced by gaming industries.

As we know, ever since video games have been invented, our lives have changed dramatically.

With graphics of games improving each year, the number of consumers of video games is rapidly increasing.

Focusing on mainly shooting games, this article will highlight the potential effect of violent games on gamers.

Fortnite is an online Battle Royale game which can be played on consoles including Xbox and Playstation or PC.

The main objective is to be the last one standing on an island after being dropped from a bus.

As soon as players are dropped on the island, they can collect weapons and armour in order to aid in their survival.

Winners of each round are rewarded with V bucks which are used to unlock exclusive items.

Other shooting video games such as Call Of Duty involve war, like soldiers and commandos who combat one another with weapons.

The aim of the game is to get the most kills in a round in order to get more rewards such as xp points or skins for your character.

Young people, especially boys, are playing bloodier and more realistic video games than ever before, and scientists are looking for links between real-life violence and violent video games.

These types of games can have a psychological impact on an individual’s mentality and desire.

Overall, shooting games elicit a desirable sensation or, in other words, satisfy an individual.

While some people believe that violent video games do not have an effect on an individual’s psychological wellbeing and mentality, others believe that a minority of gamers who play violent games such as Fortnite or Call Of Duty still may develop a habit of trying it in real life.

Mustafa Abbasi is in Year 12 at Shepparton High School.

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