School’s helpful donation

By Southern Riverina News

Pre-loved sports equipment and iPads have been donated to the Berrigan Children’s Centre from Berrigan’s St Columba’s Primary School.

St Columba’s principal Damian Taylor said the donated items had been sitting unused in the school’s sheds.

These include a croquet set, various sports balls, exercise step ladders, juggling balls and ‘funky’ hula hoops.

‘‘I think being in a small community we need to rely on each other as community based groups,’’ Mr Taylor said.

‘‘The Children’s Centre needs the equipment so I would rather donate the sports equipment rather than it sitting in an old shed at St Columba’s.

‘‘As a parent of two children at the Children’s Centre they always value outdoor activities for the kids.

‘‘With the iPads, they would have been thrown out because we just bought new ones. They are old but we hope the centre can get some use out of them.’’

Berrigan Children’s Centre director Rachelle Cahill said they were thankful for the donation.

She said the sports equipment would also benefit the out of school hours program, as would the iPads which are surplus to staff needs.

‘‘As a not-for-profit business, these types of donations go a long way and help to boost to our budget (because money can be allocated to other needs),’’ Mrs Cahill said.