Learning the skills of life

By Liz Mellino

Shepparton residents braved Saturday’s arctic conditions to learn about being an adult at Word and Mouth’s Adulting for Dummies event.

The day at McIntosh pavilion at Shepparton Showgrounds, was jam-packed with workshops, teaching people all the things they may want to know about being an adult.

The 30-minute workshops covered many areas, including basic cooking, changing a tyre, self-defence and budgeting, as a way to teach young people the basics of growing up and gaining independence.

‘‘Most of the people that came have been mid to late teens, people that are transitioning into the next little part of their lives,’’ Word and Mouth project manager Jim Gow said.

‘‘Maybe they are leaving home to go to uni or maybe they’re looking to move out or adjust some things if they do.’’

Participants worked with Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE’s Callum Ross to put oil into a car and change a flat tyre, while others learnt the basics of self-defence from Shepparton’s Koryo Taekwondo Centre teachers.

It was the first time Word and Mouth had run such an event and Mr Gow said they were hoping to improve on the event in future years.

‘‘We will look to do it again for sure and potentially in a school holiday period where we can involve more services and tweak a couple of things,’’ he said.

‘‘We talked to some of the partners and they are keen to stay on board and start running with it, so it is a matter of how we make those tweaks and look to improve the event.’’