Getting court time

By Shepparton News

St Georges Rd Primary School students are set to sharpen tennis skills thanks to Tennis Australia.

Physical education co-ordinator Viv New said the primary school recently received about 60 new tennis racquets and a $1000 grant through the Tennis Australia School Partnership Program.

She said the $1000 grant was used to install four miniature tennis courts across the school yard and the 60 racquets were provided for all Foundation students at the school.

‘‘We’re not sending the racquets home yet. We’re actually going to teach the kids how to use them before they are taken home,’’ Ms New said.

She said herself along with other teachers planned to spend time teaching the students and allowing them to practise using the new tennis courts.

Ms New said the school was appreciative of the Tennis Australia initiative and the Foundation students were excited to put their new racquets to use and learn new skills.