Students to build cultural Thai

By Laura Briggs

Shepparton Christian School students have been sent packing their bags to experience the culture of Thailand.

Health and physical education co-ordinator John Arnold said the school had 10 students from Years 9 to 11 who would take part in the trip to northern Thailand.

He said a number of fundraising events had been organised at the school following the previous trip in 2016 in preparation for this year’s journey.

He said the funds had gone towards various goods, including sporting equipment through to musical instruments, that the team would take and distribute to children in Thailand.

Mr Arnold said the students would work with an organisation based in Chiang Mai to complete various community works, including teaching English in schools.

‘‘It’s good for our students to be emerged in a new culture and experience that from the inside,’’ he said.

He said there were changes in many of the students who had taken part in previous school trips.

‘‘Obviously we go and we serve over there, but the changes are obvious in the students, especially those who really take it on and get a real love for community development and different nations,’’ he said.

Mr Arnold said the 12-day trip would take place during the school holidays and he was excited to be a part of it along with the school’s primary co-ordinator Lynda Harland.

‘‘There’s a lot of people in the school community who have really supported the trip, be it with time or donations, so we’re really grateful and thankful for that support,’’ Mr Arnold said.