Kindergarten children on learning trip to Harston Primary

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Nineteen Gowrie Park Kindergarten students visited Harston Primary School last week to experience the small school environment.

Harston students took on a leadership role and introduced the kindergarten to what their school had to offer.

School acting principal Bree Petrie said Harston Primary School’s doors are open to the community for new enrolments for next year.

‘‘We’ve had three kindergarten visits including Tatura Children’s Centre and Gowrie Park where we have had an hour of activities including beading, craft, lego, puzzles and bee bots,’’ Mrs Petrie said.

She said the bee bots acted as a starting level for coding.

‘‘The bee bots work as the base level and then we move into the more advanced robotics which is a really great way of learning,’’ Mrs Petrie said.

She said the day was really positive and the students had made some new friends.

‘‘Our kids love to have the little kids out, it’s good for them and it’s good to be able to share their knowledge,’’ Mrs Petrie said.

She said people forogot about Harston Primary School when deciding which school to attend.

‘‘At Harston, we work as a team and because of our smaller numbers, each student has their own iPad, their own computer and access to all these bits and pieces all the time,’’ Mrs Petrie said.

Students waved to the potential students as they left on the Harston Primary School bus to return to Gowrie Park Kindergarten.