Students celebrate the arts

By Ashlea Witoslawski

The Shepparton Christian College community came together for its annual Arts Showcase on Thursday.

The event included a matinee and evening performance celebrating dance, design and drama.

Shepparton Christian College staff member Cyndilee Watson, who co-ordinated the event, was proud to see the effort put in by the whole school.

‘‘We have so much talent at this school and we wanted to create a school performance that encourages all art forms and includes everyone,’’ Ms Watson said.

The whole primary school cohort took part in the showcase, with voluntary participation from about 25 secondary school students.

Ms Watson said the Arts Showcase had been a big part of the 2018 school year, with planning in term one, rehearsals beginning in term two and even more work taking place in term three.

She said the primary school students had dedicated class time to learn their performances and the secondary school students enjoyed lunchtime and after-school rehearsals.