Learning vital health lesson

By Shepparton News

University of Melbourne medical students attended a special lesson yesterday to increase their knowledge of prostate cancer.

The training was conducted by urologist Dan Lenaghan, oncologist Javier Torres and prostate cancer specialist nurse Sonia Strachan.

Students learned about the basics of prostate cancer, the importance of testing, the myths surrounding prostate cancer and management options.

Ms Strachan said the training was interactive, because students were asked many questions from real-life scenarios.

She also said the students were receptive to the training, which took place during International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men, with about 20000 men diagnosed every year.

Five-year survival rates have increased to 95 per cent, however 3500 men still lose their lives each year, meaning early detection is vital.

Ms Strachan encouraged all men over 50 — or over 40 with a family history of prostate cancer to talk to their GP about prostate health.