Double fun at St Mary’s School in Mooroopna

By Madeleine Byron

St Mary’s School in Mooroopna is set for double the trouble with two sets of twins starting out as Prep students this year.

Decked out in school uniform, the McCabe fraternal twins and the Amin identical twins will start their education journeys in the same class.

Deputy principal Ann-Margaret Carroll said the rule used to be to separate siblings.

‘‘If they are happy and independent we can separate them or if the parent communicates that one dominates the other, it would be nice if they could be separated, so they can be their own person — but then sometimes they need that support,’’ Ms Carroll said.

Kaylah McAuliffe said St Mary’s was on top of the list for twin daughters Olivia and Dakota McCabe to attend in Mooroopna.

‘‘They’re so excited, they can’t wait,’’ Ms McAuliffe said. She said it was important for them to be in the same class.

‘‘I didn’t think they would go very well without each other, maybe next year they could change,’’ she said.

New to the region, Rosh Amin said someone had suggested St Mary’s as a school for twin boys Aayush and Aarush.

‘‘We are very much new to Victoria, we shifted here last year, but I found out this school was very nice because of my landlady — the lady told me the school is very nice and I believe her because she is from a teacher’s family,’’ Ms Amin said.

Aayush and Aarush will also attend the same class.

‘‘They like each other’s company, they don’t want to be separated and even I don’t want to interfere with their bonding,’’ Ms Amin said.

Ms Carroll said a focus for this year would be making sure every child had the chance to improve.

‘‘Regardless of whether it’s a tiny little bit or moving onto great things, and we’ve made some changes with the roles that teachers are taking ... we’ve got more teachers to match the number of students and we’re really excited about that and really looking at each individual child’s movements,’’ she said.