St Anne’s College Kialla welcomes new students

By Madeleine Byron

Foundation and Year 7 students set the scene for future growth at the newly opened St Anne’s College in Kialla, taking the first steps into their educational journey this week.

The Catholic school will progressively be built over several years before reaching a full capacity of 1200 students.

Deputy principal Sue Carroll said each year the school would take another intake of Foundation and Year 7 students, allowing the school to stabilise in a timely fashion.

‘‘The current school building will become the middle of the school with future plans to build out on either side — the vision is to run from early childhood, from six years old to Year 12 and for the building to flow in a way that supports that,’’ Ms Carroll said.

She said students were encouraged to investigate and explore to stimulate an active learning environment.

‘‘We have a mandate to follow the Victorian curriculum and as staff we’re really committed to doing that well.

‘‘We know our craft, we know the curriculum so then we’re transforming that into a scene for children to be able to interpret it and learn from that in different ways,’’ Ms Carroll said.

The school has three project rooms for active learning and a number of open-plan rooms for multi-age interaction.

‘‘We’re really excited about the possibilities and meeting the kids and watching them throughout the day, just grow in their excitement and their confidence in the space.

‘‘It has been really, really rewarding because we’ve done a lot of work to get here,’’ Ms Carroll said.

She said parents were looking for a different kind of learning experience for their children.

‘‘I think a lot of parents are buying into the idea that their child can be a capable and competent learner who can investigate for themselves, who can take responsibility for their learning, who can perhaps learn beyond subjects and beyond disciplines.’’

Ms Carroll said she was looking forward to watching the students become confident in the new-style learning space and leaving their mark on the new school.