St Anne’s College students get lessons on healthy cooking

By Liz Mellino

Healthy snacks were on the menu at St Anne’s College in Kialla yesterday.

Year 7 students learnt how to make zucchini slice, which for some was the first time cooking in a kitchen.

Generalist teacher Ebony Anderson said the class aimed to teach students how to make healthy alternatives to include in their school lunch boxes.

‘‘We have a focus at the moment around what we’re putting into lunch boxes so we’re trying to teach them some really simple skills that they can transfer into the everyday life at home,’’ Ms Anderson said.

‘‘For some of them chopping up an onion or doing some dishes are things they haven’t done before, they haven’t had to have that responsibility ... so we’re just trying to get a bit of awareness around what we’re doing and what we’re eating.’’

Ms Anderson said yesterday’s recipe showed the students how to put a fun twist on a normal zucchini slice, cooking them in cupcake trays to make them a perfect lunch box snack.

‘‘It is about how we can transform that recipe into eating it in a little dish like this to make it more appealing visually for younger kids and maybe changing the name of them to cheese and bacon bites,’’ she said.

The current Year 7 students at St Anne’s can attend certain school sessions each week, such as food and tech, dig tech, Italian and health and PE, based on the school’s inquiry approach to learning.

Ms Anderson said the approach had been a success so far, with students given hands-on experience to encourage their day-to-day learning activities.

‘‘It’s hands-on learning, for a lot of them it’s their first experience of getting to high school and doing food tech or home eco, so it’s that first experience around food handling and a lot of working around hygiene and safety in the kitchen,’’ Ms Anderson said.

‘‘That is a learning experience in itself and having that understanding has been great, I think they get a lot out of it.’’