Grahamvale school to build a Gaga Pit

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Grahamvale Primary School students are one step closer to achieving a Gaga Pit for all to enjoy after receiving a $1500 cheque yesterday.

Junior School Council students want to bring a bit of modernisation back into the playground with the introduction of a Gaga Pit, combining dodging, striking, running and jumping into a large ring with the objective of being the last person standing.

It was not the first time the words ‘Gaga Pit’ had been heard in the school grounds, but for council president Jaye Ennis it would be something which would go down in history.

‘‘A couple of years ago the Year 3/4 students did a similar project asking for a Gaga Pit and now that someone has asked for it again, we thought about it and everyone agreed to go forward and put in the application,’’ Jaye said.

The Apprenticeship Factory and Monarch Personnel accepted the school’s application as part of the Giving Back Program.

Chief executive Paula Ryan was impressed by the school’s dedication.

‘‘Each year we have two rounds where we give to community organisations and the board was very impressed with this application because it was about being active, it was about great lifestyle and celebrating being together as a group in a working environment,’’ Ms Ryan said.

She said the school had already raised a some of money needed, which showed determination.

‘‘There was a fair bit of ownership with this application, which was a big tick for them because it meant that they weren’t just thinking about it, they were serious about the activity and they wanted it for their school,’’ Ms Ryan said.

Students thanked The Apprenticeship Factory and Monarch Personnel for the donation which will allow the school to start construction next term.

‘‘It’s going to be good for our school because the school means a lot to all of the students and we like to have fun in the yard,’’ Jaye said.