Guthrie St Primary School students back for term two

By Liz Mellino

There was a hive of excited Foundation students at Guthrie Street Primary School yesterday as the school went back for term two.

Fifty-eight youngsters piled into their classrooms at the Shepparton school, excited for another term of learning.

There was plenty of laughter and excited conversations as students shared with others what they got up to on their two weeks of holidays and during the Easter break.

The News visited the school yesterday to find out how the students went in their first term of school and asked them what they enjoyed doing the most in their classrooms.

It seems colouring-in was a class favourite at Guthrie Street, with Imogen Oak and Romeo Prinzi agreeing this was their favourite school activity so far.

‘‘Doing the colouring in is my favourite because I love colouring in,’’ Imogen said.

Many other students said they enjoyed a range of hands-on activities, with Nellie Long saying she had enjoyed making kites during Term One while Jason Borysiewicz said sport had been his favourite subject so far.

‘‘I like to kick the soccer ball ... my Dad’s coaching, I’m playing soccer with some people in my class and some people from the other classes,’’ Jason said.

Students spent the morning in their classrooms sharing what they got up to on the school holidays, with many enjoying the free Easter egg hunts around town.

‘‘We went on an Easter hunt, there was one at KidsTown and one at Fun Planet ... out at KidsTown I found lots of eggs,’’ Jason said.

It seems school holidays were also spent travelling with family members, with Imogen and Nellie both saying they enjoyed some time away.

‘‘We went to Queensland and went on the beach and we saw our cousins there, it was lovely to swim and feed the whales,’’ Nellie said.

Term two finishes on Friday, June 28, in Victoria.