More room to learn at Kialla West

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Students at Kialla West Primary School are busy keeping a watchful eye on the Moretto Building workers as they construct the new Years 3/4 classroom.

The school received funding through the Victorian Government’s Victorian School Building Authority program to build a permanent classroom.

Principal Wesley Teague said the new L-shaped building would replace the two portable buildings that currently house the Years 3/4 students.

‘‘The students will benefit from having the space and resources of a permanent building — with a permanent building you have a lot more space than a portable building,’’ Mr Teague said.

He said the aesthetics of the new building would be a lot better regarding noise and structure quality.

Construction of the new building commenced in late March with an expected completion date in July.

‘‘The kids are really excited about all developments and there’s been lots of positive comments about the progress,’’ Mr Teague said.

He said once the new building was complete the portable buildings would be taken away to another school in need of more space.

‘‘The new building will align with the existing buildings in the front part of the school and all the sport will be aligned out the back of the school,’’ Mr Teague said.

‘‘We’re really lucky that we’re able to be given a really new modern facility which will assist with the teaching and learning.

‘‘It doesn’t make or break it — good teaching is still good teaching — however it is nice to have just some nice new buildings.’’