Author visits Orrvale Primary School

By Shepparton News

Young faces at Orrvale Primary School were red with excitement on Friday when colourful children’s author Nat Amoore came to visit.

Ms Amoore wrote the award-winning children’s book, Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire, and visited Orrvale as part of her Victorian school tour.

The book was released only a few weeks ago and Ms Amoore said it was already on its third print run.

‘‘My book is about two kids who find a million dollars in their backyard,’’ she said.

The students took part in the authors workshop, which aims to help children become excited about reading and writing.

However, the workshops are not of the ordinary kind and as the children were piling into the hall, Ms Amoore said she was about to cause absolute mayhem.

‘‘For me, the workshops are more about getting kids excited about books and I’m pretty excitable, so if I can be contagious, that’s really great,’’ she said.

Ms Amoore refers to herself as a big kid, but is extremely passionate about children having the opportunity to read.

‘‘Every study about reading shows that it helps literacy, helps communication, helps young minds and helps kids become more emotionally intelligent,’’ she said.

Ms Amoore is an ambassador for the charity Books in Homes, which puts books into the hands of children living in remote, disadvantaged and low socio-economic circumstances.

‘‘I love my book and I want everyone to read it, but I’m actually just really big on kids reading,’’ she said.

Having previously worked as a trapeze artist, an actor, a game show contestant, video editor and a successful children’s author, Ms Amoore takes every opportunity that comes her way and wants to teach children the beauty of saying yes.

‘‘I feel there’s a lot of pressure and comparison going on not only in schools, but with the world and the internet, so just that idea about giving everything a go is really important, but also to be prepared that it won’t work out,’’ she said

‘‘Always look at all the good things and if it doesn’t work out, at least you can say you tried.’’

The reading workshops also incorporate this message as they teach students about how a simple idea can easily turn into a story.

Ms Amoore said inspiration for the book was a result of her being an active reader and writing a book was a way of giving back.

‘‘I want to provide the same enjoyment to kids that authors gave me,’’ she said.

Secrets of a School Yard Millionaire has been so successful that Ms Amoore is planning to write a second book.

‘‘It’s about a group of friends that refuse to be torn apart,’’ she said.

The second book is expected to be released next year.