Water waste concern

By Reader Contributed

My husband and I have recently had a most enjoyable seven days on the Princess of the Murray between the towns of Blanchetown and Murray Bridge.

Unfortunately my largest impression is of the enormous waste of water.

The river is kept artificially high between Loch 1, just out of Blanchetown, by the water being held back by the barrages.

This means that the water spills out from the river into the large number of lagoons and billabongs, which stretch for miles all the way along the river.

The amount of evaporation would be enormous.

This water would not normally be here in the summer months when the river would naturally be at a lower level, particularly this year with the dry weather.

The Murray Darling Authority demands that Victoria runs the Goulburn River at such a height that it is causing damage to the banks, to deliver irrigation water further downstream, and yet has no control over what South Australia does with all the water going down the Murray once it reaches the South Australian border.

Therefore those in control in South Australia keep the river artificially high, as well as Lake Alexandrina, and then demand more water from already stressed communities in Victoria and NSW.

When is something going to be done about a most unfair system, where one state is thumbing its nose at its fellow Australians?

-Wendy Wilson, Tatura