St Brendan’s show-stopping performance.

By Morgan Dyer

Elvis Presley, Freddy Mercury, Olivia Newton John and Dolly Parton were among the big names whose hits reverberated in Shepparton's St Brendan's Primary School, History of Hits concert last night.

Students from Years 3 to 6 celebrated each decade of music, starting with the Charleston of the 1920s all the way to the R&B hits of the 2000s.

More than 450 people filled seats at the St Brendan's Performing Arts Centre to watch the young stars singing and dancing.

St Brendan's education support teacher Ruby Shannon created and directed the sold-out show.

Ms Shannon said the performance was a great opportunity for the students to celebrate the school's performing arts.

“The kids have really enjoyed learning about the different decades of music and also learning about who they are playing in the performance,” Miss Shannon said.

“Dancing and singing is so common for the kids these days, it's really become part of their culture and what they enjoy doing.

“It’s been really easy to engage with them and they often have been begging me and asking me when their next practice is,” she said.

There were hundreds of songs heard on the night which included hits from the Beatles, ACDC, Madonna, Prince and Boy George.

Flynn Bogdan played Angus from AC/DC.

Miss Shannon said it was great to expose the children to a range of different songs.

“It’s something they carry through with them for the rest of their lives,” she said.

“They know these songs now whenever they come on or when they hear about different performers they can have some awareness of who they are, now they have done the show,” she said.

Teachers also got involved in the performance with Chris Quinn performing as Peter Garret, Tim Kelly as Justin Bieber and David Maskell as Jimmy Barnes.

Friends, parents and grandparents were overwhelmed by the students show-stopping performance and they began to sing and clap along with the children.  

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