Science fair at Grahamvale Primary School

By Laura Briggs

More than 230 parents and friends had their minds scientifically blown at a science fair put on by Grahamvale Primary School’s Year 3 and 4 students.

During a five-week period leading up to the fair, students worked hard to follow a six-step process in which they would research a particular hypothesis before proving it to be true or false.

On Thursday night, about 100 students brought their hypothesis to life as they educated visiting family members, teachers and other students.

Years 3/4 teacher Karen Mellington said she was extremely pleased with the efforts and creativity the students had put into their projects.

She said some analysed the ‘five-second rule’ while others experimented with chemical reactions.

Ms Mellington said the large project not only allowed the students to delve into the scientific facts behind their hypothesis, but it also saw students working together in small groups and preparing a written report based on the results of their project.

Ms Mellington said everyone involved was delighted to see the students showcasing their projects and enjoying the night.

“They did such a great job and they were all really proud of themselves.”

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