St Anne’s College goes water only to promote healthy habits

By Morgan Dyer

Kialla’s St Anne’s College has partnered with Goulburn Valley Water to launch its Water Only program.

The initiative aims to improve the health of the community by allowing students and staff to drink only water during school hours.

St Anne’s College principal Dom Poppa said the program was a great opportunity to start a water-only culture within the recently built school.

“We know that drinking water can help children focus at school, so encouraging them to drink more water can help them learn better, as well as give them the energy to play,” Mr Poppa said.

“If it's here in the initial phases then the kids won’t know any different.

“We aren’t saying you can’t have those 'sometime drinks' but while you’re at school, water is what you drink."

The school is one of 60 schools and businesses in GV Water's service area to take part in the program.

GV Water visited St Anne’s on Thursday morning to launch the program and educate students about the benefits of drinking water.

Students took part in a range of games and activities that highlighted the importance and benefits of choosing tap water over sugary drinks.

GV Water managing director Danny Hogan said it was great to see so many young people learning about the health, environmental and financial benefits of water.

“We hope that introducing drinking water at a junior level will turn into a long-term habit,” Mr Hogan said.

“St Anne's is quite special because it is the first school that has come on board at a secondary level,” he said.

The students were given a GV Water information kit to take home, which included a reusable drink bottle.