Gowrie St Primary’s Dream Big Day

By Shepparton News

The children at Gowrie St Primary School and members of the community have celebrated the school's second Dream Big Day of the year.

The community celebrations on Friday included children singing and dancing, playing different musical instruments, practising some boxing and doing some woodwork.

During the celebrations, students gathered with their parents and teachers in student-led conferences to talk about their hopes for the future, their strengths and their goals.

Gowrie St Primary School principal Timothy Warwick said the idea behind the day was to use the strength of the community, the diversity, the cultures and the histories, to align the students with their hopes and dreams for their future.

“It’s about using that strength to achieve and seize life’s opportunities that our students are aspiring for,” he said.

“What are their goals and how are they going to work towards that every day in their classroom?

``It’s about helping connect them with what they are doing in the classroom and at school with their future aspirations and the pathways to achieve that,'' he said.

The students wrote about their hopes and dreams for the future, their strengths and their goals while they were at school, and then presented them to their parents and teachers.

Vanessa 7, and mum Di Tripoli.

Both Lincoln Wheelhouse and Kruz Bajada shared hopes and dreams that were inspired by their parents.

Lincoln said his inspiration for his career goals of tennis player or chef came from his mum.

“Well, I got inspired by my mum because she’s (both),” he said proudly, unable to decide whether he preferred the pancakes or the pizza his mum cooks for him.

Kruz said he wanted to become a police officer for his father.

“(I want to be a policeman) because my dad, he wanted to be one,” Kruz said.

Shartayah McCarthy spoke about how she would like to become a social worker and own her own house after she graduated high school. However, not before becoming one of the student leaders at Gowrie St next year.

When asked about why she wanted to be a social worker, she was quick to respond with how caring for others was one of her strengths.

“I like to help people,” she said.

Reflecting on her Term 1 goals, Shartayah has achieved her aim of getting better at her decimals and is now choosing to focus on her reading and writing.

“(Mostly) making sure my writing makes sense,” she said.

While Shartayah set new goals for Term 3, Lincoln chose to continue improving upon his Term 1 goals. These included improving his reading stamina and listening in class.

He said he had improved on both but the listening might need a bit more work.

“I’m getting there,” he said with a smile.

Kruz, on the other hand, is choosing to focus on working harder in maths.

“I like maths a little bit,” he said.

“(However) literacy is my favourite subject.”

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