Holocaust Centre visit for GVGS

By James Bennett

With the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland next month, Goulburn Valley Grammar School students were recently reminded of one of the darkest periods in human history.

Year 10 history students visited the Holocaust Centre at the Australian Jewish Museum to learn about the extreme ideologies that shaped the 20th century.

Head of humanities Darius von Güttner said the school had been offering its students the rare opportunity to meet with Holocaust survivors for more than a decade.

"This experience is unique because the passage of time will make it difficult to hear first-hand accounts of the events," he said.

"By taking part in witness testimonies offered by the survivors of the Holocaust, students are in turn becoming witnesses.

"To bear witness to the experiences of the survivors is important. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat its mistakes."

September 1 marks the day in 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland, which led to the outbreak of World War II.

More than six million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust by the Nazis.

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