Tallygaroopna Primary School raises funds for under-privileged

By Laura Briggs

The school leaders at Tallygaroopna Primary School have put their leadership skills into practice for the less fortunate.

Following a leadership conference earlier in the year, the four leaders were inspired to develop a fundraising initiative that would assist the under-privileged population in the Shepparton region.

School principal David Brodie said having conducted various creative projects around the school in previous years, he was pleased to see this year’s leaders choosing to branch out and help others by hosting weekly barbecues at the school as a way of raising funds to give back.

“In the past we’ve put quotes up on the walls, we’ve done a wall of hand prints, but this year they wanted to raise some money for under-privileged people,” he said.

Mr Brodie said at the beginning of winter, students were given the opportunity to donate $20 to the cause in exchange for a sausage and a Milo drink each week.

He said at the end of winter, the funds — which were expected to reach about $750 — would be given to a local company that worked with under-privileged people in Greater Shepparton.

School leader and year 6 student Jade Klein said it seemed fitting to raise money for those who were less fortunate.

“If you were in that position it wouldn’t be easy, so we just want to help them where we can,” she said.

Jade said the leaders had all enjoyed working towards a goal and making a difference for others.