Students show their talent at Tallygaroopna Primary School performance

By Madeleine Byron

Tallygaroopna Primary School students starred in the comical show Rock Bottom yesterday afternoon at the Soldiers Memorial Hall.

The children acted out the fun musical about the Cobblestones, who are just an ordinary Stone Age family living in the town of Rock Bottom.  

“It’s a Flintstones prehistoric-themed musical, which is a new storyline for this year and and we’re pretty proud of how it’s all come together,” principal David Brodie said.

All 80 of the school's students have a part and were led by teachers Claire Haberfield and Liss Lothian, who directed the show.

“It’s a real community event, which includes all the school families and staff,” Mr Brodie said.

The students will perform an evening show tonight at the Soldiers Memorial Hall, 21 Victoria St, Tallygaroopna from 7.30pm.