Life saving defib for Mooroopna school

By James Bennett

St Mary's Primary School is hoping a new defibrillator is never used — but staff know it is a necessity.

The Mooroopna Catholic school recently purchased the machine from Indigenous Medical Supplies for use in case of medical emergencies.

Principal Anthony Butts said although he is hoping for little use, it will be ready to go if needed.

“All our staff have had training with a defibrillator. They have annual first aid training, so we're already trained," Mr Butts said.

“It will be there for the school and we'll keep it in the Marion Center in our hall so it will be there for us but will also be there for the parish and community use on on weekends.

“We chose Indigenous Medical Supplies because it's a local business. We do prioritise local business in whatever we do.”

Indigenous Medical Supplies director Merv Fernando said he was glad to see the school address safety and support local business.

“It's great that they're keeping school kids, staff and community safe," Mr Fernando said.

“It gives you an indication on the school's direction as well, what they're doing and making sure that the school is safe.

“I'm a small start-up business so this is one of the first purchases for me and enables me to continue what I'm doing.”