Safety concerns discussed by Congupna PS parents and council

By James Bennett

Congupna Primary School students are a step closer to walking to school without having to dodge dangerous traffic.

On Monday, the school's parent council met with Greater Shepparton City Council and Regional Roads Victoria to discuss improvements to the school crossing and service road.

As reported by The News last month, students are often stranded between the service road and the busy, truck-infested Katamatite-Shepparton Rd.

The surface of the Katamatite-Shepparton Rd is also uneven.

Congupna school council president Andrew Miles said he was happy with the discussions with council representatives.

“We thrusted out our new ideas of what needs to be done,” he said.

“They've told us they can work on installing speed bumps, better line marking and just general improvements to the service road.

“We're satisfied something has come from this meeting. Obviously at this stage it's just talk so we'll be even more happy when something happens.

“They've said they'll come back with a proper plan and we can have further discussions.”

In statement issued by council, it said it expected to start making changes at the site almost immediately.

“A number of initiatives were identified during the meeting, including some short-term actions such as installation of additional line marking and changes to no-parking zones, along with longer-term solutions, including repairs to the road surface, installation of traffic islands and changes to the areas for parking and school drop-off zones,” the statement said.

“It is anticipated that some of these works will occur in the immediate future, while others will be programmed to occur during the school holidays.”