Future artists on show at Goulburn Valley Grammar School

By Madeleine Byron

Art forms of all kinds were celebrated at Goulburn Valley Grammar School this year, as 13 students completed their Victorian Certificate of Education art portfolios.

Working alongside art teacher Deidre Belleville, the Year 12 students demonstrated their talents through oil painting, sculpture, fashion design and digital photography.

Ms Belleville said the assessment was part of the VCE Studio Arts class, which included researching artists, techniques, ideas and art styles. 

"Each student chose a theme for the year and came up with a wide variety of potential directions to explore visually," she said. 

"I am extremely impressed at the creativity and sensitivity of my art students and the wonderful and very personal work they have presented."

Students presented a written explanation outlining their ideas and the meanings behind each artwork.

Ms Belleville said the final artworks represented a culmination of the meanings, messages and concept explorations. 

"I love teaching art as it allows me to encourage students to express themselves visually and explore their individual creativity," she said.

"I feel very fortunate to work with young people in a creative manner and have noted huge progress in the abilities and self-expression of my 2019 Year 12 class."

See the full gallery for more of the students' work.