Shepparton High School items find new homes

By Ashlea Witoslawski

As Shepparton High School gets ready to close its doors forever, local community groups and other schools are looking forward to giving the school's unwanted items a new lease on life.

Select groups were invited to the school last Friday to fill boxes with books, pots, pans, cutlery and other kitchenware before the site is closed to make way for construction.

Business machines, sporting equipment and valuable school resources have already been distributed to Mooroopna Secondary College, Wanganui Park Secondary College and McGuire College for the 2020 school year.

Shepparton High School business manager Marilyn Mancini said many quality items were still available for the community groups after local primary schools had the first pickings.

Sifting through the library books at Shepparton HS.

Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project volunteer co-ordinator Fiona Smolenaars said the timing was perfect for the Family Haven at Mooroopna.

“We start operating in January and we’ve just set up a kitchen, because families cooking together really breaks down barriers,” Ms Smolenaars said.

“Lighthouse is really appreciative of the school sharing its resources – it really will make a big difference for our facility.”

St Anne’s College family and community engagement officer Kim Merkel said the goods would be well loved in the school's project room and to help boost its library resources.

“We started operating this year with a lot of empty cupboards and we’ve been buying resources as we go,” Ms Merkel said.

Salvation Army will collect remaining goods for eventual re-sale or donation.