Remote learning boosts St George’s Rd community

By Jessica Ball

The shift to remote learning has strengthened the St George's Rd Primary School community.

With increased communication between home and school, assistant principal Adam Burbidge said the move had seen benefits he hoped would continue after students returned to the campus.

“We feel the time has helped build relationships with the families,” Mr Burbidge said.

“It's brought us closer and we don't want to see that go.”

To support learning at home the school implemented an online library and prior to the decision to move back to school was working towards all students having an individual digital learning device — plus, with help from State Schools’ Relief, ensured all families had internet access.

Mr Burbidge said staff worked hard to provide learning tasks including specialist programs like art, music and physical education.

“We pride ourselves on our collaboration and team work and this has really shone during this time of challenge,” he said.

“Staff have adapted quickly and ensured continuity of learning for our students; students have enjoyed exciting video lessons from their teachers, as well as being provided stimulating work and resource packs to support learning in the home.”

As well as keeping students engaged, Mr Burbidge said the introduction of a range of technology and digital learning platforms had made the ‘classroom’ more accessible for families.

“This situation has forced people to engage with technology and the families have got on board,” he said.

“We are in their homes.

“If the parents wants to back up that learning with their children or the children want to individually, they can.

“We are immensely proud of the amazing effort our students and families have made throughout this remote learning period.”

Mr Burbidge said the use of technology had upskilled teachers and students alike.

He also said with the upper year levels using Microsoft Teams it had allowed the students to keep socially connected.