Orrvale puts the focus on wellbeing

By Jessica Ball

From playing a game of virtual catch to helping parents overcome their fears of remote learning, Orrvale Primary School has put its social emotional learning into practice.

Emotional intelligence is a part of the school's fabric and principal Adam Brennan said during these uncertain times the school had continued to focus on wellbeing.

“What we've been more concerned with is making sure everyone is okay,” Mr Brennan said.

“We're ensuring students are academically supported but particularly the wellbeing and social support as well.”

He said creating a video where it appeared as if the students were throwing a ball to each other was all about continuing their social connection.

“At a time where there has been heightened levels of anxiety, it was a bit of fun and connection.

“It's a reminder that even though we're at home we're all the one school.”

As well as checking in on families, the school ran a webinar to help parents understand that their child's wellbeing was the most important thing during remote learning.

To ensure the ‘Calming Covid Chaos’ session was accessible to all, Mr Brennan said it was both live and recorded.

“One of parents’ biggest fears was failing their child, so we were able to give them some strategies,” he said.

“A lot of parents expressed that they were relieved that they weren't alone and other parents are feeling the same.”