Numurkah Secondary College staff’s heartfelt video to students

By Lachlan Durling

Numurkah Secondary College staff have brightened up students' weekends, making a video about everything they miss about their students.

The video is a photo slide show of the school grounds and classrooms empty, with happy snaps of when students were still on campus and shots of what teachers are doing without their face-to-face classes. 

"Our school may be quiet and our classrooms empty but you are not forgotten. Every day we are thinking about how you are managing."

Principal Claire Kelly said the video was the perfect way for staff to show they're ready to have their students back face-to-face learning.

"We did a whole lot of virtual learning activities and videos - the students even did a virtual fun run with the Strava app," she said.

"We also had Numurkah's Kitchen Rules, the students would pick up a pack with all the ingredients and would have to prepare a meal and share the results.

"This video is one of the final ones, so we wanted to show the students that our staff can't wait to have them back."

The video had 67 reactions and 25 shares on Facebook at the time of writing, and plenty of heartfelt comments from school families.

"Facebook has definitely played a large part in how our school community stayed connected," Ms Kelly said.

"We're excited to have our students back and today's professional learning day has included a reflecting session where we have been talking about what we want to take away from virtual learning and ideas we could continue.

"There has been a great opportunity to connect with students and acknowledge the activities that aren't the usual math, science or English subjects.

"This video was a team effort and shows that we as a school are here to support our students' wellbeing and go beyond that usual math, English and science classroom learning."

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