Tatura Hot Bread’s sausage rolls named country’s best

By James Bennett

The crumbly thick pastry and hearty beef filling is what helps Tatura Hot Bread not only produce a delicious sausage roll but one now named the best in the country.

Last week the bakery was awarded a gold medal for its plain sausage roll at the Great Aussie Pie Competition in Sydney, and was also named as having the best-tasting entry.

But it wasn't the only win for owners Glenda and Jeff Alexander.

Tatura Hot Bread also won gold medals for its savoury gourmet roll, its chicken, cranberry and brie pie, Tuscan chicken pie, chunky steak and caramelised onion pie and chunky pepper pie. 

It won silver medals for plain beef mince pie and plain chunky beef pie.

"This one is great to win because it's Australia-wide," Mr Alexander said.

"It's a real tough gig to get a hold of, it's the best we've ever done; we're on cloud nine.''

Mr Alexander said he did a double-take when he heard the results.

"I was expecting to do all right but as the golds were starting to come out we realised we're on to something here.

"We didn't think so in the sausage rolls, because there were others that looked smarter than ours — but ours must have given the judges what they were looking for.

"We've been doing this for about six years and at that competition we've had a few second and thirds.

"Most comments have been too much shrinkage or not enough meat, but this one was spot-on."

Mr Alexander said was no special trick to the bakery's sausage roll.

"We just do the same thing day-in, day-out. We use quality products and you just have to take care when making them.

"A lot of love goes into the sausage rolls," he said with a laugh.

Mr Alexander said the win was dedicated to the bakery's staff and the town.

"It's great for our little town.

``Tatura needs this at the moment. We lost a supermarket eight weeks ago and other businesses have closed.

"We want to thank all the staff for their hard work. It's definitely a team effort and it would not happen without the team; everyone played their part.

"Our butcher, the Thomas Family Butcher, also needs a thank-you. It's hard to get good quality items these days and Andrew did his best," Mr Alexander said.

The owners weighed in on whether or not sausage rolls should be eaten using a knife and fork, and if sauce should be used.

"No sauce, because that usually hides bad things," Mr Alexander said.

"Although, if I'm at home I'll dig out the home-made sauce or a little bit of relish.

"Just go hands, don't worry about the knife and fork."